Prairie Green


A Green Burial Site Through Greenwood Cemetery

A “Natural Burial Ground” or “Green Burial Ground,” such as Prairie Green, begins with a commitment to a natural process by allowing nature to participate fully and at the earliest possible time. 

Many people don’t realize that Jewish burial traditions naturally equate to green burial. The rising interest in green burial is actually a return to practices people used prior to the rise of the modern funeral industry – practices that Jews have used throughout the centuries. Jewish burial, like green burial, fosters returning to the earth as naturally as possible. Avoiding embalming, using biodegradable materials and putting the body in contact with the earth are hallmarks of both approaches.

Prairie Green; natural and simple. With wildflowers, trees and prairie grasses introduced creating a peaceful serene environment, Prairie Green is a commitment to land that it remain as natural as possible, allowing nature to take its course with minimal intrusions.

Green-Burial-Council-Approved-Vendor-LogoBurial Criteria

Greenwood Cemetery is an approved cemetery provider by The Green Burial Council, as Prairie Green was developed in accordance with The Green Burial Council guidelines. Biodegradable caskets or burial shrouds with a rigid biodegradable container are used in Prairie Green and embalming fluids and burial vaults are excluded. Burial techniques make every effort to minimize impact on surrounding land and protect native plant diversity. Cremations are welcome and require a biodegradable urn for “cremains.”


Memorialization of loved ones is provided on granite boulders, strategically placed on the prairie in area proximity. An inscription artist will record the name of the departed along, with birth and death years.